Website design

DRDM specializes in affordable customized websites. When designing a website I like to use some of the ideas behind the system development life cycle. After talking with you about what you want to achieve through your website, I then start designing and planning the website. This includes layout and any graphic design. When I have a clear idea what is required I develop the website. If your website requires any type of programming I will also do this. Once the website is done I can provide webmaster services. This includes any changes to the site and ongoing maintenance.

Webmaster services

I’m based in Victoria, British Columbia. My mobile number is 778 977 3737. I can provide face to face webmaster services right here in Victoria. If there is a problem or something you would like to add to your website I would be happy to have a look. If you just want to give your website a facelift I can also help. Just give me a call or use this form to contact me.

Domain names

I will help you pick out a domain name for your website. I’m also able to setup the domain name with the hosting company you choose. If you are just interested in having a domain name as a personalized email address I can also do this. I can setup your personalized email address to use Google’s gmail.


If you are interested in advertising you can start by getting some free credit with Google adwords. I will setup your advertising campaign using Google adwords. The ads appear on Googles search engine when a user inputs certain keywords. I will also submit your site to search engines. If you want to track how your website is doing, I can setup Google analytics. This will give you information about your users and how they interact with your website.

Content Management Systems

If you would like to be able to update your site yourself, I can setup the website with Adobe Contribute. With Contribute you can update your website whenever and wherever you wish. You just have to have Contribute on the computer you are using and an internet connection.


Another option to consider is WordPress. With WordPress you pick a theme which determines the look and feel of your website. There are excellent free and paid for themes. I will help you every step of the way to pick the right theme for your project. WordPress can be used to create a blog or just a plain website. If you choose to use WordPress you can also use it as a content management system. You can update your site from any computer any time you chose. All you need is an internet connection. Using WordPress also significantly reduces the development time required for your website.